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By Grant Copland

Pet Health Insurance Dog The cost of running a veterinary clinic is continuing to increase. The clinic must manage an increase in liability insurance, expensive equipment, raising cost of prescription drugs and a decrease in students studying veterinarian science. Vets have no choice but to pass these increasing costs to pet owners who are using their services.

If the family pet is injured or suddenly falls ill, many owners are faced with a delimiter. Find some way to pay the large bill or are forced into put their beloved pet down in what is called 'economical euthanasia'. More family pets can be saved if the owners thought about buying some form of pet health insurance.

The typical dog owners will visit a veterinary clinic about three times a year. The yearly veterinary cost of these visits is approximately two hundred and eleven dollars. The main reasons dog owners take their dog to the vet is for basic routine health care that includes such as vaccines, neutering or spaying, heartworm testing, physicals, nail trimming and dental work.

Cat owners will visit a veterinary clinic only two times per year. The yearly veterinary cost of these visits is approximately one hundred and seventy nine dollars. The typical reasons cat owners take their cat to the vet is vaccines, neutering or spaying, declawing, physicals, dental work, and ear mites.

These statistics are based on a 2005 survey done by the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association.

Pet health insurance is insurance cover that helps the pet owners pay the veterinary costs when their pet becomes injured or sick. You maybe paid if your family pet is lost, stolen or dies depending on the policy and options you purchase.

The primary reasons pet owners purchase pet health insurance is to pay for any unanticipated veterinary treatments and expensive surgery. Purchasing pet health insurance coverage maybe be the difference Pet Health Insurance Cat between your petís recovery and economical euthanasia.

Pet health insurance is not a new concept; all developed countries have some sort of pet health insurance. While was traditionally popular with breeders, show animals and horse owners the raising cost of vet bills means that pet health insurance is now more affordable to the common pet owner.

Potential hereditary conditions and pre-existing conditions are not usually covered by most pet health insurance coverage policies. Most pet health insurance policies will include a cap on surgery and other medical expenses. Some companies will also pay the cost of boarding your pet at a kennel or veterinary hospital.

Grant Copland is the owner of So it you want to know more about pet health cover then please look around, read some articles and educate yourself on the benefits of owning pet insurance.

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